Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Little Taste...

Late November and finally a post...  We have been working nonstop unpacking and putting everything in its place.  I barely have had time to decorate.  I did make a simple Thanksgiving vignette tray that you see displayed on the center island in the kitchen.  I wish I had the energy to decorate more but I know it is more important to unpack boxes.  Slowly but surely we will get everything put away.

I had high hopes of making Thanksgiving cards but I could not find the supplies that I needed.  I did borrow some glue from my daughter but I found that it didn't stick very well.  Instead, I bought some simple cards, wrote short notes, and mailed them out.  I hope that everyone receives them before Thanksgiving.

I have received quite a few sweet cards.  They each brought a smile to my face and definitely gave me a cheerful much needed lift.  Thank you!

Now that we have internet (it took a few weeks before they came out to reroute the wires or whatever they had to do), I hope to post more often.  I've missed everyone. xo