Friday, August 6, 2021

The Tyranny of the Urgent

I ought to read Charles Hummel's writings on the Tyranny of the Urgent more often.  In this little book, he weighs the differences and the dangers between what is important and what is urgent.  All too often the urgent wins the battle rather than the important.

Often times the urgency for things that are urgent is not necessarily so.  We persuade ourselves that time is of the essence when in reality, it matters very little in the grand scheme of things.

What is it about ourselves that we choose to fight battles that clearly do not exist?  Does slaying windmills fulfill a deep hidden determination for perfection?  Oh the beauty of imperfection.

Life is filled with all sorts of imperfections.  The rose with its thorns, the oleander in bloom, the curious little mouse... each beautiful in a sense yet dangerous as well.  The rose carefully pruned, the oleander admired from afar, and the little mouse left to his cheese - each respected in their imperfections.

Embracing one's one imperfections and allowing oneself the grace to see past the imagined urgency and focus on what is important in life is a lesson I hope to learn each moment.