Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tucker - the Early Days

Remember back when we had newborn babies and we did our best to rest when the babies were sleeping, knowing full well that we would be up every 3 hours or so during the night to attend to their needs.  Well, I had forgotten that little puppies are pretty much little babies.

But it is so hard to sleep when you can hold a precious little puppy in your lap.  Lilah Rose is on the left at my side.  Tucker is asleep on my lap.  I am exhausted but it is wonderful.

It has been quite a weekend.  Tucker came home with us on Saturday.  On Sunday afternoon, he started having stomach problems.  We started him on chicken and rice to see if that helped.  It was a long night.  He and I were up every two hours. We went to the veterinarian  yesterday (Monday).  Tucker had his first exam, tests, and was prescribed a probiotic to mix with his food.  The doctor suspected an intestinal parasite.  We continued the chicken and rice meals.  Last night went much better.  We were only up three times and then back to sleep. The veterinarian called me today and yes, Tucker has a parasite and  will start on daily medication for a week that will kill the bug and fix the tummy issues. 

Poor little boy.  No doubt he caught it before or during transport from Georgia.  Yes, he is a Southern gentleman.  The dog rescue here drives down South and picks up puppies and dogs that are abandoned or have been turned in at shelters.  Evidently there are an abundance of both in the South.  They are driven up  North and placed in foster homes until they are adopted.  We were very impressed with this particular rescue and it was quite a process to be approved and so on.

Tucker is 9 lbs and almost 9 weeks old.  He is underweight and I am feeding him small meals 4 times a day.  You can easily see his ribs and other bones and he has loose skin because he has pretty much no body fat.  The doctor yesterday said that he has seen worse and he thinks that Tucker will be quick to gain weight with our feeding schedule.. 

Life is a bit chaotic but in a good way.


  1. Awwww you’re such a good caregiver, Gina. Congratulations on your little Tucker. He will be a sweet companion to you and Lilah Rose.

  2. Poor little dog, hope he is better soon.

  3. Oh yes we have been talking about adopting another dog but we have said we will adopt an older dog so that we don't have to go through the potty training stage of things. Sorry he had that parasite but so nice that he is already feeling better. I am sure Lilah Rose is excited to have a playmate.

  4. Poor Tucker! Praying the medication takes care of the parasite and that he gains the needed weight. Thinking of you, Gina!

  5. Thank you ladies for your kind words!


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