Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Little Taste...

Late November and finally a post...  We have been working nonstop unpacking and putting everything in its place.  I barely have had time to decorate.  I did make a simple Thanksgiving vignette tray that you see displayed on the center island in the kitchen.  I wish I had the energy to decorate more but I know it is more important to unpack boxes.  Slowly but surely we will get everything put away.

I had high hopes of making Thanksgiving cards but I could not find the supplies that I needed.  I did borrow some glue from my daughter but I found that it didn't stick very well.  Instead, I bought some simple cards, wrote short notes, and mailed them out.  I hope that everyone receives them before Thanksgiving.

I have received quite a few sweet cards.  They each brought a smile to my face and definitely gave me a cheerful much needed lift.  Thank you!

Now that we have internet (it took a few weeks before they came out to reroute the wires or whatever they had to do), I hope to post more often.  I've missed everyone. xo


  1. I have wondered how you were getting on in your new home Gina. Lovely to see you today.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Gina, I hope you had a very blessed day yesterday in your new home and with your family. What a beautiful pair of turkeys you displayed! Enjoy the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend!

  3. So good to see you settling in, yes more important to get the house in order than decorate, that is such a cute little tray you have made up, I can almost smell the candle, I have out the towel I won off your blog on my table as a covering under my porcelain turkey :) So good to see you blogging again, and hope you enjoyed your first Thanksgiving in your new home!


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